Friday, April 17, 2009

Hilton's new property in Melbourne..

For those who are intrested in Lifestyle and Food and loves watching show's like Hell's Kitchen, etc etc this one is for them. As being one of the most liveable cities in the world Hilton Couldn't resist to open one more property in Melbourne. 

The new property will be based in Melbourne's South Wharf area which is known for its amazing city views will give run for it's money for other properties as the menu will be designed by Michelin star chef and Hilton is known to open properties is scenic locations in other parts of world.

Philips LCD Digital Campaign.- A very smart idea

Usually i dont get time during the weekdays due to my work and exercise commitments to update my blog. so weekend is the only time that i can spend some time to alter my blog. After being in digital advertising for some time and going through couple of things, i recently came accross this new campaign for philips lcd tv. 
This short film for philips made by Tribal DDB and stink digital is amazing piece of work in selling the unique features of the TV, the film can be viewed in vaious formats and is the one of the best pieces of work i have notieced around. have a look at the Film below: